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Personal Insurance

Who needs a Personal Umbrella policy?

November 14, 2022
While it’s difficult to pinpoint the monetary consequences of the risks you and your family take each day, are you…
Employee BenefitsInsurance

Who is the buyer?

October 10, 2022
Employee healthcare plans are expensive. In fact the average annual premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance for 2021 are $7,739 for…
InsurancePersonal Insurance

Sage Advice: Protecting your pet. Protecting YOU.

September 5, 2022
The past few years have been rough for most of us. From the huge changes and tragedy of the pandemic…

We don’t like insurance either . . .

July 18, 2022
Insurance is never a popular or exciting topic of conversation. Honestly, most people are bored to tears by it and…
Business Insurance

The Commercial Insurance market is hardening. What does this mean?

June 13, 2022
The commercial insurance industry goes through market cycles. A soft market—which is sometimes called a buyer’s market—is characterized by stable…
Employee BenefitsInsurance

Employee Healthcare Plans: Stop being tactical. Be strategic.

May 23, 2022
Insurance, especially employee healthcare insurance is expensive. It’s natural and smart to want to save money. But, chasing short-term savings…
Employee BenefitsInsurance

High-Performance Health Plans Explained

April 25, 2022
Year after year you move your health plan benefits from one carrier to another—only to find yourself ready to recycle…
Business Insurance

Common Restaurant Exposures

March 28, 2022
Restaurateurs are some of the most passionate business owners. They invest a ton of time and money to deliver a…