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Better balance through efficiency.

By March 25, 2024Insurance

At face value, “finding efficiencies” sounds dry. Perhaps that’s why we tend to think of it in terms of saving time or resources or making things easier. And while it does accomplish these key objectives, the greatest value of efficiency is its potential to transform and empower.

One of our core values at BCF Group is to “Be Different,” so in this featured article you’ll find some different perspectives to consider the next time optimization, streamlining, or process auditing has you feeling uninspired:

Saving your team’s energy: People are happier and more successful at work when it’s easier to focus. While changing routines and processes can be scary, having clearer objectives and fewer repetitive tasks creates more time for important work and less to stress over. Remind your team that you’re committed to saving their energy and promoting their well-being, not just maximizing their productivity.

Supporting personal development: People who are actively improving feel better. While evaluation can cause employees to feel micromanaged or criticized (even self-evaluation), it has the potential to be transformative! Remind your team that you want to help them grow and do their best for their own happiness and personal development, not just for the company’s bottom line.

Creating harmony: Work is a happier place when we work better with our teammates. Sometimes finding efficiencies in the context of interdepartmental communication or workflow among team members can create friction. However, when done well, these processes actually reduce friction and create harmony. Remind your team that the goal of optimizing collaboration is a more comfortable, harmonious workplace, not just a higher-functioning one.

While change in the workplace, especially in the context of reviews and optimizing processes, will always carry a little tension, it also carries the potential for transformation. By reminding our employees how important their health and happiness is during this process, we can maximize that potential.

Don’t be afraid to assess your work!

In our fast-paced world, and in our line of business, finding efficiencies isn’t just about saving time or resources, it’s about unlocking the door to positive changes and transformation. When we streamline workflow and optimize processes, we create time and space for innovation, growth, and a more fulfilling work experience.

Finding efficiencies simply encourages a culture of continuous improvement (and encourages us to fulfill one of our Core Values—to “Be Different”). Team members are empowered to seek out new ways of doing things and to challenge the status quo. Efficiencies also pave the way for greater collaboration as they encourage team members to work together toward common goals, utilizing all of their strengths and abilities.

Ultimately, finding work efficiencies isn’t just about making things easier, it’s about creating positive changes and driving progress toward a better future, for each department, for each person. By embracing change, we open the door to new possibilities and pave the way toward success, both individually and collectively.

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