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We are grateful to our local community for their support and committed to investing in local business and events! Below are some folks with whom we share values and services.
Featured Clients

Aaron’s Acres was founded by a group of parents who wanted to provide a summer camp experience for their children (in Lancaster County) who had special needs. In 2018 they celebrated 20 years of providing recreation programs for children and young adults with developmental disabilities. Over 200 participants attend their summer camps and have been blessed by their passion. Learn more about this great organization and ways that you can support them:

Cassel Signs is a long standing local company that creates, produces, and installs branding that helps their clients drive their brand to new levels of success. Friendly professional service and decades of experience set them apart from their competitors. Their website is full of testimonials from happy clients who love their finished branding. Their team of creators, producers, and installers are top notch. For more information:

That Fish Place began in 1973 as a small family owned aquarium. Over the years they have built a reputation as one of the best pet supply companies in the world! People come from all over the country to visit their shop which is over 88,000 square feet. They are more than fish! They have all sorts of other animals, special events, pet grooming and more. Check them out (or better yet visit!):

Our Community Involvement

We enjoy supporting Aaron’s Acres annual golf outing and volunteering at their summer camps. Aaron’s Acres does amazing things for children and youth with disabilities.

Clare House

This organization is serving women and children in Lancaster County in amazing ways. We enjoy working with them every time we go!


We helped to paint Coby’s new facility. They are a blessing to the families they serve!


Friendship Community

We help with Friendship Community’s Barbecue annually. Great food for a great cause!


Millersville University

BCF Group was the proud sponsor of “Results through Design” workshop March 2019 at Millersville University under the direction of Dr. Jack Ogutu. During the event, students got to connect with business leaders in design thinking as they were taking on some of the biggest challenges in the Occupational Safety and Environmental Health industry.

Blessings of Hope

We love to pack food for the food insecure in our communities. Blessings of Hope runs a great organization serving a large number of folks!

Water Street

We are currently volunteering monthly for Water Street Rescue Mission. We are so inspired by this organization!

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