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Let’s be honest. Nonprofits aren’t in it for the money—they’re coming from a perspective of strong values, empathy, and a desire to serve communities and enact positive change. Especially to those who are in great need.

BCF Group shares this heart for service and purpose.

If you’re not sure about coverages or wishing there was a partner who invested in helping you manage risk while being mindful of your budget, consider reaching out to us! We’d love to hear from you.

“BCF Group is looking at our growth and at what our risk is. That’s a company you want by your side. They’re two hours away, but we stick with them even though there are tons of local options. They’re really dedicated.”

“I really appreciate their proactiveness in reviewing our coverage to make sure it was the right fit for us. Our previous insurance provider hadn’t done that, and we realized we could save money. We really appreciate their proactiveness.”

“BCF Group understands the nonprofit world, and they want to deeply understand your organization. They ALWAYS have our best interest at heart and serve us compassionately. It really speaks volumes about who they are.”

Bucks County Opportunity Council (BCOC)

Located in Doylestown, PA, Bucks County Opportunity Council is dedicated to reducing poverty and partnering with the local community to promote economic self-sufficiency.

Initially, we connected with BCOC at the annual PANO conference. They were working with a “traditional” broker and were:

  • Getting little if any proactive guidance
  • Receiving coverage renewals at the last minute
  • Lacking a true partner to help understand and mitigate risk
  • Feeling like there was no one on their side

Sadly, this is all too common.

BCF Group knew BCOC needed:

  • A deep dive to review all coverages
  • No last-minute coverage renewals
  • A true partner who evaluates and manages risk
  • A company that shares values

With the risk of cyber attacks and ransomware skyrocketing over the past year, we recently wrote and increased cyber coverage, ensuring BCOC is properly protected from having sensitive information stolen and having to bear that out-of-pocket cost.


The Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) supports nonprofits in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through training, best practices, consultation, and advocacy. Each year, BCF Group attends their annual conference.

Initially we approached PANO about sharing our services with nonprofits. It turned out PANO also needed help. At the time:

  • Traditional brokers were failing to help PANO manage risk appropriately
  • Policies were placed with different carriers on different effective dates, creating confusion
  • Coverages renewing at different times made it difficult to stay on top of insurance as a whole

This is not uncommon. Without a real partner to help manage risk as opposed to selling coverage and then disappearing, evaluating coverages and getting organized can seem daunting.

BCF Group executed the following steps to bring PANO’s risk management to a secure place:

  • Undertook a deep dive to evaluate all existing coverages
  • Synced effective dates of coverage to simplify the renewal process
  • Saved money overall while also securing broader coverage

“Conventional wisdom” and typical insurance providers may communicate that saving money, expanding coverage, and adopting a risk-management approach are mutually exclusive – but often that isn’t the case, as we found with PANO.

Aaron's Acres

Based in Lancaster, PA, Aaron’s Acres provides children with disabilities year-round therapeutically based recreational programs in a supportive environment that enhances socialization and communication skills.

Throughout our 10+ year relationship, Aaron’s Acres has taught us a lot about the needs of a nonprofit:

  • An insurance partner – not provider – who helps clients understand what is often a complex group of coverages
  • Someone who buys into the mission and vision of the organization
  • Someone who will be proactive – not just call when it’s coverage renewal time

While Aaron’s Acres does have a unique set of coverages, their values as a nonprofit and subsequent needs aren’t uncommon. To ensure they are protected, BCF Group undertakes the following actions:

  • Staying up to date with all changes to ensure proactive risk management
  • Helping the organization complete cumbersome renewal applications to simplify the insurance process.
  • Reviewing coverage in person prior to renewal to ensure proper protection at its most affordable
  • Volunteering each year to take photos at summer camp events – because we truly buy into their mission and values.

In 2020, Aaron’s Acres had to cancel Summer Camp due to COVID-19. Upon announcement, we proactively reached out to adjust their general liability and workers’ comp coverage, resulting in significant savings.

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