It’s no secret the cost of health benefits is continually rising, while offering less coverage, making it nearly unaffordable. At the same time, employees are relying more than ever on employers to cover these expenses. Add in the traditional 12-month crisis management cycle of healthcare and it’s a very stressful prospect—especially for businesses that value providing for employees and their families. 

If providing better coverage and controlling costs matters to you, it might make sense to reach out and learn more about how we get more for your healthcare dollar by taking an individualized approach to managing your unique risks.

Captive Health Insurance

Is saving on your organization’s healthcare costs important? If cutting costs and offering coverage is essential, a benefits captive health insurance could help change your bottom line in a big way.

Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Between referrals to specialists and low incentives for health outcomes for your employees, the traditional hospital system in many healthcare plans can be expensive. DPC is a cost-saving alternative that intimately connects your employees with their primary care provider to focus on their holistic health.

Health Rosetta

Healthcare costs are opaque—it’s impossible to shop prices and difficult to save when there’s no clear answer to “How much does it cost?” The Health Rosetta program exists to push back on costs and to create solutions directly between employers and providers—without the expensive layers of middlemen.

Group Health Insurance

Employees are the greatest asset of a business, and healthcare protects them. But at what expense? Healthcare costs are the highest they’ve ever been and rising. Our trusted advisors partner with you to find a unique solution specific to the needs of your business—to maximize care and minimize cost. 

Group Ancillary

There’s more to employee health than what’s covered in healthcare coverage. Whether it’s dental, vision, or life insurance coverage, adding to your group benefits package can be expensive. It can also attract and retain excellent employees. Find out your options. You might be surprised how affordable coverage can be.