As an Independent Family-Owned Agency serving Lancaster and Maryland, two things differentiate us: our values and our service. 
Our Commitments to Clients and Each Other
  • We value people. We try to create an environment in our offices and with our clients that allows for fun, flexibility, and laughter.
  • We value service. Our heart for clients and employees touches all our interactions as we strive to listen first and speak second. We try to be prompt, respectful, and helpful.
  • We value our employees and strive to create an open, relaxed environment where everyone feels comfortable and has a voice.
  • We value our clients and strive to manage their risks while saving them as much money as possible.
Our Service

Where do you see yourself in the future? In business? With your family? Where you live? 

  • To truly serve our clients, we get to know them and their visions for the future—their goals and dreams. We then work to create customized solutions, including insurance coverages and sometimes looking outside of the insurance market. 

  • By creating a unique solution for each business based on a detailed risk profile, we can create significant savings—both to the current bottom line AND in the future when coverage is needed. (We call this our PRISM process.)

  • We do the same for our personal insurance clients. When people are protected from the inevitable risk of major milestones—like retiring, buying a second home, or raising teen drivers—they can sit back and enjoy. (We call this our PATH process.)