BCF Group is your trusted independent insurance agency in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

BCF Group is an Independent Family-Owned Agency nestled in the Susquehanna Valley. Two things differentiate us: Our culture and our process.

Our Culture and Our Process

Our Culture

We have an open relaxed environment where everyone has a voice. We genuinely like each other and enjoy a sense of fun, laughter and flexibility. This environment of sincerely caring for each other naturally passes to our clients as we care for them and develop long-term relationships with them. The culture starts with our work family. It pushes out to those we interact with. It’s a great feeling.

Our Process

In the business segment of our agency which encompasses our commercial and employee benefits department, we use a process called “PRISM”. This is used for both large and small clients as well as in between. In the process, we dive into the clients business to get to know them where they are and where they envision themselves in the future. We work hard on strategies to get them where they need to be by helping them improve their risk profile, and going ahead of their needs to anticipate what is to come. Our process is extensive as that is where get to understand the complexities of their businesses. We work to create unique solutions, sometimes out of the “ insurance placement” to help them with their bottom line. An example would be in the employee benefits division. Employee benefits are ever changing and a large expense for companies. We are consistently looking outside of the insurance market to see where we can help with cost for our clients. It feels great to see their reaction the creativity that we bring!

Our personal lines department also strives to go ahead of the clients and their needs with PATH. They consistently look ahead: Are their children coming up on teen driving age, is the client getting a second home or ready to retire. These events change their needs. We like our clients to sit back and relax. We’ve got this for them.

Our difference is being passionate about having a deep understanding of our clients and anticipating what is to come for them, so they don’t have to. We use these unique approaches (PRISM and PATH) to live that out on a daily basis.

Our Core Values

These core values are the fundamental beliefs of BCF Group. They drive our behavior and help us to achieve our ultimate goal of selfless service to each other and our clients.

  • Commitment: To complete what has been started
  • Integrity: To be honest, fair and trustworthy
  • Optimism: To have a positive outlook
  • Unity: To cooperate, support and encourage others
  • Ambition: To be motivated, progressive and innovative