1 An Unbiased Partner

For traditional insurance agencies, selling insurance policies is what it's all about. This business model hardly incentivizes agency members to control costs or to be objective about what they recommend to clients.

As opposed to a traditional agency, BCF Group is committed to being an objective and unbiased strategic advisor. This means we must understand you and your business, and help you make decisions that are in your best interest.

It means becoming your partner and taking a vested interest in your bottom line. At times, it means telling you not to buy insurance. It is a fundamentally different approach than the traditional "insurance selling" agency.

2 Beyond Insurance

We go beyond insurance by helping you understand the cost of risk. We are committed to measuring those risks through our cornerstone approach called PRISMTM, a unique process based on the prestigious Beyond Insurance risk management system.

PRISMTM - a consultative and diagnostic process - begins with a thorough understanding of, and appreciation for your operations and risk management programs. It applies various techniques to identify measure and reduce risk in your organization. The end result is an improved risk profile, lower insurance costs and a better bottom line.

3 Complex to Clear

Understanding risk and how it affects your life and your business can be complicated. Our Risk Managers are committed to bringing you clarity and confidence to the complex world of insurance and risk management.

Our Academy of Risk Management and BCF Group Blog were created to help our clients better understand risk and the impact it has on core business and life practices. They give you a forum for learning about cutting edge approaches to risk identification, mitigation and control with workshops led by our faculty experts including attorneys, risk managers, safety professionals, and insurance experts. We take complex issues and give you clear direction on how to handle them.

4 Real People Serving Real People

The way we help our clients is really pretty simple. It's about being there. It's about connecting with them and lightening their burden. It's about being real. In order to do that, we don't just simply give people advice and tell them what to do; we actually dive in and help them do it. We roll up our sleeves, dig deep and find a way to make things better.