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Brad Forney, CRM

Brad Forney, CRM


Brad brings loads of real world experience to the team. A second-generation owner of BCF Group, Brad began his insurance career in 1984 with an empty desk, pencil, notepad and phone book. Through the years, Brad has seen many changes in the insurance industry. When he sensed that businesses and families had a need to manage and mitigate their entire risk, he shifted the direction of the firm. Under his direction, BCF Group is becoming a leading risk management agency in Central Pennsylvania. Brad is committed to bringing out of the box solutions to our group healthcare clients. He brings passion in all areas of the agency and strives to go beyond insurance, getting to know our clients needs and struggles first to find what solutions fit them best.

Brad is passionate about his family, faith, community, employees, non-profits, helping others and of course insurance and risk management. In his leisure time, Brad enjoys the outdoors and has 6 sons with his wife, Jan.

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