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The future of healthcare is LOCAL

By March 29, 2023Employee Benefits

As a Health Rosetta advisory firm, BCF Group has adopted the “road less traveled” approach to healthcare consulting. Health Rosetta advisors, of which there are less than 250 nationally, and just a handful in Pennsylvania, are committed to applying the fixes that already exist in today’s healthcare market to lower costs and offer better benefits to Plan members. Since beginning this journey, BCF Group has amassed a “playbook” of best practices that focuses on purchasing healthcare smarter and spending a lot less for it.

Over the coming months, we will discuss how the strategies outlined in the BCF Group playbook and those embedded within Health Rosetta’s LOCAL 5-step continuum have helped our clients build high-performance healthcare Plans.


L – Learn how to be liberated from the status quo.

O – Optimize your health plan infrastructure.

C – Carve out the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM).

A – Add value-based primary care.

L – Leave behind value-extracting PPO networks.

Roll the clock forward to today, and we are excited to share the Health Rosetta Plan Grader™. The Plan Grader analyzes the 40 most important factors for high-performance health plans. It creates an independent Plan assessment across eight Health Rosetta components within the LOCAL adoption continuum. Tackling these eight Health Rosetta components puts Plans in the driver’s seat to improve employee health while controlling and reducing cost.

  1. Transparent advisor relationships,
  2. High-performance Plan design, Plan documents, and risk-management strategies,
  3. Independent, active Plan management,
  4. Major specialties and outlier patients,
  5. Transparent pharmacy benefits,
  6. Individual stewardship,
  7. Value-based primary care, and
  8. Transparent open-access to providers

The future of healthcare is LOCAL, open, and independent.

Finally there is a blueprint that meets you where you are today and shepherds you to a better future. If you are tired of the “way it’s always been done” and are ready for positive change, we invite you to follow the BCF Group “Healthcare Done Differently” BLOG series.

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