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The Dreaded Life Insurance Discussion

By April 5, 2018June 12th, 2018Personal Insurance
Jared Martinelli

Jared Martinelli

No one likes to openly talk about their death. Combine that thought with insurance and you have a product that no one ever wants to discuss, and that’s life insurance.

As a life insurance agent, this is the dilemma I run into. There are many families that don’t have life insurance that really should. I agree it can be a rather morbid conversation but it is one that needs to be had in order to protect your family.

This is one type of insurance that is often overlooked by families. The reason being is no one is forcing you to buy it. The state of Pennsylvania requires you have auto insurance and your mortgage company requires that you have homeowners insurance. No one is requiring that you have life insurance which means it is up to you! Just because you are not required to have life insurance doesn’t mean it is not necessary to adequately protect your family.

The unexpected death of you or your spouse can have a devastating impact on your family. Life insurance can help ensure that your family continues its normal standard of living. Life insurance can be used to replace you or your spouse’s income, pay off debts, cover children’s expenses, pay final expenses and ensure that your family will be able to survive financially if disaster does strike. If you do not have life insurance NOW is the time to have the discussion.

If you already have life insurance it is important to make sure that the amount you have is still appropriate, as life insurance needs are constantly changing.

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