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Healthcare increases are no longer sustainable.

Join other like-minded employers whose primary goal is to lower employee healthcare costs. When you optimize your purchasing power and implement nationally recognized cost-containment strategies, you gain control over your healthcare expenses.

As a Health Rosetta Charter Certified Advisor, BCF Group is passionate about reducing healthcare costs for employers while delivering world-class healthcare to employees. We understand the increased costs, and we work to identify and remove hidden expenses. Next-generation solutions are now available that improve the quality of care for patients and lower costs for both the plan sponsor and participants.

BCF Group pushes the boundaries on the status quo and actively develops solutions that remove cost layers and yield improved financial results.

There is a growing movement to demystify healthcare purchasing and lower costs. Whether you’re a self-funded employer or a patient receiving care, you must be able to determine the actual cost and quality of care to purchase it correctly. By properly aligning service providers with purchasers you can remove the layers of inefficiency and create contractual and finacial transparency which inevitably lowers cost.

Local cash pay providers are working with self-funded employers to deliver high-value, low-cost healthcare services every day. Community doctors who love doctoring patients are opting out of the healthcare “system” at staggering rates. Services such as inpatient and outpatient surgeries, radiology, high tech imaging, lab tests, primary care arrangements are all available on a cash pay basis in our local community today. Patients are seeking a simpler, less confusing process when receiving and paying for their healthcare services.

BCF Group uses an ever-evolving blueprint for wisely purchasing health benefits. We have access to next-generation best practices, nationally recognized cost-containment programs, leading subject matter experts and real-life case studies to guide innovation and optimal plan management. We help our clients improve their financial and workforce performance, improve the quality of care for plan members and reduce out-of-pocket employee spending.

BCF Group focuses on results. Our foundational blueprint components include:

  • Maximized funding arrangements
  • Captive healthcare solutions
  • Value based primary care
  • Patient stewardship
  • Active and independent plan administration
  • Transparent open networks
  • High performance plan strategies
  • Transparent pharmacy benefits
  • Major specialties and outlier programs
  • Transparent advisor relationships.

BCF Group believes in the power of Direct Primary Care. By offering a Direct Primary Care option, employers encourage more healthcare services to be delivered in the least expensive setting and DPC delivers a vastly improved patient experience. As a plan option, employees can choose to engage with a local primary doctor who embraces a different approach to care, one that offers patients all the time they need during appointments, same day visits, house calls, state of the art telemedicine as well as access to low-cost drugs and cash pay healthcare procedures.

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