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Disaster Planning for your Organization

Join us for a webinar on Zoom June 29, 2022 at 9AM

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Disaster Planning for your Organization Webinar

The recent pandemic forced most companies to make sudden changes in their operations. Most of us were caught off guard. What about the next emergency? Are you prepared for what may happen?

Join us for conversation about just that, being prepared for what is to come. From weather emergencies, to technical, to cyber sudden issues. We have a way to help you prepare for whatever comes in the way of your company’s operations.

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Speaker: Trent Hess
Date: June 29, 2022
Time: 9:00AM

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What Our Clients Say About BCF Group

BCF Group has partnered with us to strengthen our company culture and improve our risk profile, which improved our profitability.

Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc.

BCF Group has a deep understanding of our organization, its goals and the unique risks we face as a nonprofit organization.

Gwen Schuitt, CEO

Team - Trent Hess -

About Our Speaker: Trent Hess

Business Insurance Professional | BCF Group

Trent exemplifies integrity, hard work, competency and creative service in every detail of your insurance and risk program. His sincere demeanor and strong work ethic have won the accolades of many BCF Group clients. Trent has a knack for uncovering and mitigating business risks and a strong desire to do what’s right for his clients. He began his insurance career at BCF Group fresh out of college in 2005. Trent works with large accounts to carry out our unique risk process.

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About Our Agency

Commitment, integrity, optimism, unity, and ambition. These core values are the fundamental beliefs of BCF Group. They drive our behavior and help us to achieve our ultimate goal of selfless service to each other and our clients.

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