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Wednesday, August 29, 2018  |  Michael Whisler
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BCF Group is passionate about non-profits, and we strive to serve them well. We know resources can be limited when organizations rely on donations and other avenues for financial support. We use a 4-step process catered to your needs and the size of your organization to bring knowledge, value, and add strength a that you have worked hard to sustain. Click HERE to learn more about our PRISM Process.

Non-profits are essential to the communities they serve. Together we can make a difference.

Work with an insurance broker who understands the non-profit world. Call Mike Whisler to learn about our plan to collaborate with community-minded 501(c)(3) organizations to put together a top-notch insurance program, reduce your losses AND save you money! We insure PANO members (including the PANO organization itself) and would love to speak with you as well. Call Mike today.

Mike WhislerMichael Whisler, Commercial Account Manager
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“We find that BCF Group has a deep understanding of our organization, its goals and the unique risks we face as a non-profit.”

Gwen Schuit, CEO, Friendship Community

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