Oregon Dairy and BCF Group: Partners in Wellness

Wednesday, June 28, 2017  |  Heather Groff
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At the end of 2016, Oregon Dairy was faced with a difficult healthcare renewal. The company's health plan provider was increasing its rates substantially and would not provide information to justify the increase. To make matters worse, Oregon Dairy and employers similar in size are required to meet stringent federal ACA guidelines for minimum coverage and affordability. It was the perfect storm, but Oregon Dairy was committed to weather through it.

With the help of BCF Group benefits, Oregon Dairy experienced one of its most successful benefit renewals in recent history. Not only was the punishing increase mitigated to a single digit, the plan funding was adjusted to allow for savings if claims were lower than expected. Additionally, Oregon Dairy further leveraged its culture of employee health and wellness through preferred health plan pricing for employees who attested to being tobacco-free, which the entire Oregon Dairy campus became in 2016.

BCF Group has been Oregon Dairy’s P&C Broker for the past 25 years. Our Commercial Department has been a strategic partner and key advisor in helping Oregon Dairy structure and maintain a culture of safety, which has led to an improved Risk Profile and better bottom line. Several of the family members place their personal insurance with our firm as well.

They’ve been an important client and friend to our organization in many ways.



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