Does Your Business have Pollution Risk?

Friday, June 12, 2015  | 
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Many here in Central PA have been following the story of the large fire at a chemical and fertilizer plant in Adams County. In the following days concerns came to light as fish began to die in nearby streams, and the possibility of contaminated soil and water is being investigated.

Your standard Commercial Property and Liability policies provide very limited coverage for Pollution incidents, and generally provide no coverage for "off-premises" incidents. This means in a situation like in Adams County your company could be on the hook for clean-up costs, Haz-Mat expenses, fines, and liability for surrounding property owners who claim bodily injury or property damage. These costs can be significant.

If your company stores, sells, transports or manufactures chemicals (or anything else that could be considered a "pollutant") you should weigh this risk carefully, determine what risk control steps can be taken, and consider whether Pollution Insurance coverage is appropriate.

If you have questions or wish to discuss this issue, please contact me.

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