PRISM is a four-step process to design effective risk management solutions for you and your business. Our diagnostic, consultative system enables you to improve your risk profile, better protect your business, and improve your bottom line.


PRISMTM Process vs. Traditional Insurance Bidding Process

Every day, businesses are faced with exposures that can compromise their security. Large corporations have full-time risk managers dedicated to identifying, mitigating and monitoring these exposures in order to reduce or avoid losses. The typical insurance agent provides little or no risk management advice to an organization. Instead, the agent focuses on renewing your insurance policy each year without taking the time to lay out a plan to improve your risk profile, thereby reducing your insurance costs. Over a three-month period, the agent demonstrates his or her value by bidding your insurance and delivering a policy. BCF Group calls this the "90-day Blitz".

Why Choose PRISMTM for your business?

What to expect with BCF Group's PRISMTM Process?