Beyond Insurance. Connecting with others. Forward Thinking.

BCF Group has come a long way since our beginnings as three different agencies. Through several mergers we became known as BCF Group in 2006. Since then, BCF Group has taken bold steps towards transformation in order to meet the rapidly changing needs of our clients. We are now a vibrant, innovative agency helping individuals, families & businesses identify, prioritize and mitigate risks with proven risk management strategies. Our bold approach leads to enhanced program design, reduced premiums, energized and involved clients and long-lasting relationships.



Providing an Alternative Option

In the traditional insurance agency model, agents and brokers are focused on selling insurance policies to their clients. Evaluating risk, educating their clients and improving their bottom line is not their top priority. This short-sighted strategy does not produce positive, long-term results for you or your business.

The BCF Group model is different. Our cornerstone approach, called the PRISM ProcessTM focuses on the identification, evaluation, and measurement of risk. We develop a clear understanding of your operations, exposures and risk profile. While the short-term objective is to evaluate risk, the long-term goal is to design and build programs to positively impact your bottom line through the continual improvement of your risk profile.


A Modern Insurance Agency

At BCF Group, we want to remove you from the 90-day blitz that takes place. We work with you year round, diving deep, learning your business, and fixing problems. By helping you change behaviors at your workplace throughout the year, we help lower your renewal premiums, claims, and absences while increasing safety, morale and individual productivity.

We are a consultative, diagnostic, results-oriented agency focused on managing and mitigating risks rather than selling insurance. Clients view us as their trusted advisor, not as a vendor of product. Our disciplined approach, planning process and service standards differ significantly from those of a traditional insurance agent or broker.

We are revolutionizing the way insurance agencies do business — and raising the bar for what people should expect from their insurance partner.